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Branding, internal and external signage and wall graphics

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  • Branding
  • Internal and external signage
  • Wall graphics


Oxford Innovation Space, an organisation who support and develop businesses across the UK, engaged our design agency to create a cohesive branding strategy for ‘Innovate Stockport,’ a network of three innovation centres providing affordable office spaces and co-working opportunities in Stockport.


  1. Create Branding for Innovate Stockport: Develop a distinctive brand identity that aligns with Innovate Stockport’s vision, incorporating elements from two existing identities.
  2. Design for Merseyway Innovation Centre: Craft a unique logo, branding, signage, and wall graphics specifically tailored for the Merseyway Innovation Centre, a flagship project contributing to Stockport’s town centre regeneration.
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  1. Stakeholder Consultation: We conducted extensive consultations with key stakeholders to understand the core values and unique features of Innovate Stockport. This ensured our design aligned seamlessly with the organisation’s objectives.
  2. Integrated Design Strategy: Our team integrated the new Merseyway Innovation Centre logo to work in harmony with the Innovate Stockport brand, creating a cohesive visual identity. This approach allowed each location to retain it’s individual personality whilst retaining a clear connection to the master brand.
  3. Thematic Representation: We identified four key themes – Support, Inclusivity, Connectivity, and Collaboration – intrinsic to the nature of the innovation centres. Each theme was symbolised by a distinct shape, and these shapes were creatively incorporated into the branding, signage and wall graphics.
  4. Spatial Harmony: The design elements were carefully implemented to reflect the identified themes while maintaining harmony with the interior design, colour scheme, and overall aesthetics of the Merseyway Innovation Centre.

Working with Future was a fantastic experience. Their team helped us to capture the vision we were hoping for. Great communication and committed to meeting our deadlines. We were pleased with the outcome and our client loved it too. A great blend of simplicity, adaptability and modernity. We would highly recommend working with Future!

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